HVAC Universal

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Concentrate for cleaning indoor and outdoor HVAC systems.



  • (for condensers) Removes dirt, dust, organic and inorganic deposits,
  • (for evaporators) Removes dust, organic tobacco and organic deposits,
  • Removes unpleasant smells,
  • Removes gastronomic fats and industrial grease.

Intended for:

  • condensers, evaporators, condensate trays, air conditioners, air-conditioning systems, air conditioning- ventilation systems, and air filters. Do not use the product on zinc and zinc-coated steel surfaces.


  • UNIVERSALITY: product allows cleaning evaporators, condensers, fans, and air filters depending on the dilution,
  • EFFICIENCY easily cleans stubborn dirt, leaves a fresh scent,
  • DEGREASER easily removes fatty and grease substances.

HVAC UNIVERSAL a universal product for cleaning air conditioning systems and ventilation systems. The greatest advantage of the product is its multi-purpose feature. It can be used both for cleaning of outdoor condensers and for removing contaminants from the indoor evaporators and condensate trays. Application of special active compounds guarantees long maintain and operational parameters of cleaned surfaces, increases the operational reliability and reduces energy consumption of HVAC systems. The product removes contaminants such as dirt, dust, tobacco deposits, organic substances (tree pollen, feathers) and inorganic compounds (sand, air contaminants). In addition, it effectively refreshes and deodorizes internal devices. Suitable chemical composition of the product guarantees that it is appropriate for removing gastronomic fats and grease from machines or other equipment exposed to oil spills. HVAC Universal is ideal for removing grease from the dining exhaust ventilation and kitchen hoods. In the case of a product’s contact with fatty or oil contaminants, a large quantity of foam may arise It is advised to use warm water when rinsing this type of contamination. Product is intended for professional use. 

How to use: 

  • 1. Switch off refrigeration system and fans before cleaning,
  • 2. (In the case of condensers) Product ready to use without dilution,
  • 3. (In the case of the evaporator and other elements of air conditioning and livelihood ventilation) Dilute HVAC Universal with 6 parts of water (ratio 1:6),
  • 4. Spray the product with low pressure on cleaning surfaces,
  • 5. Leave for 3-5 minutes,
  • 6. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.


  • Do not use the product upwind
  • Be very precise when rinsing cleaned indoor unit,
  • The use of water jets or high-pressure washers is forbidden
  • Consumer package – 5L canister,
  • Bulk container – 4 canisters,
  • Euro-pallet – 128 canisters.

Empty containers must be disposed/recycled in accordance with national regulations.