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HVAC INTERNAL EVAPOR is a ready for use product designed for cleaning of evaporators, condensate trays of internal units of air conditioning equipment, ventilation, and air filters.



  • Removes dust, fine particulate matter, tobacco and organic deposits.

Intended for:

  • indoor air-conditioning units and ventilation equipment.


  • SAFETY: harmless for plastics and metals used in air-conditioning systems,
  • COST-EFFICIENCY: from 1 liter of concentrate obtain 7 liters of ready to use product (ratio 1:6).
  • EFFICIENCY cleans stubborn dirt and leaves a fresh scent,

HVAC INTERNAL EVAPOR s an effective cleaning concentrate, refreshing and deodorizing evaporators of air conditioning indoor units, condensate trays, filters and comfort ventilation. The product has the acid-free composition, which makes it completely safe for cleaned surfaces. It quickly and efficiently removes dirt such as dust, fine particulate matter, organic sediments and tobacco, and leaves a fresh odour. HVAC Internal Evapor is fully safe for cleaned surfaces. The product helps maintaining performance and reliability of air conditioning units and ventilation systems that in result provides the required air purity. 

How to use:

  • 1. Switch off refrigeration system and fans before cleaning.
  • 2. Dilute HVAC Internal Evapor with 6 parts of water (ratio 1:6)
  • 3. Spray the diluted HVAC Internal Evapor with low pressure on cleaning surfaces,
  • 4. PLeave for 10 minutes for full cleaning action.
  • 5. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  • Consumer package – 5L canister,
  • Bulk container – 4 canisters,
  • Euro-pallet – 128 canisters.

Empty containers must be disposed/recycled in accordance with national regulations.