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HVAC External Basic is an acidic concentrate for cleaning finned condenser coil of outdoor air conditioning units and ventilation systems. In addition, product exhibit whitening and brightening effects. Removes rust.


Removes : organic and inorganic soil: deposits of salt, dust, tree and grass pollen, feathers, traces of insects, animal dirt, silica
Removes : rust.

Intended for:
outdoor air-conditioning units and ventilation equipment (condensers) and other surfaces of copper, brass and aluminum.


  • EFFICIENCY: strong product in the form of a concentrate, easily removes stubborn contaminants, effectively removes rust,
  • NON-VOLATILE contains non-volatile compounds, making the product less irritating.

HVAC External Basic is a strong cleaner for finned condenser coil of outdoor air conditioning units and ventilation systems. Application of a high concentration of acidic compounds makes HVAC External Basic extremely effective. Cleaning process with this product guarantees long maintain and operational parameters of cleaned surfaces, increases the operational reliability and reduces energy consumption of HVAC systems.

Advantage of using HVAC External Basic is a prolonged contact with the cleaning surface. This is possible by using a suitable combination of wetting agents, which increase the adhesion strength of the product on the cleaned surface. Low-pressure washers must be used due to special surfactants present in the product. Rinsing process of residual dirt and liquid/foam can be done in two ways: low- and high-pressure washers. HVAC External Basic is completely safe for the cleaned exchanger if used in accordance with instructions. Most cleaning products for outdoor HVAC systems contain volatile compounds that irritate the respiratory system. By appropriate chemical composition HVAC External Basic is easier to use and has a pleasant, no irritating odor. HVAC External Basic is particularly effective in the case of contaminants present on the exterior of the building. It easily removes inorganic compounds, dust, salt deposits, silica and organic trees pollen (including poplar pollen), bird feathers, grass and insect residues.

Taking care of the correct condition of HVAC devices coils allows extending operation life, maintains proper cooling efficiency of the device, reduces the failure rate and energy consumption. HVAC External Basic is not intended for cleaning comfort air-conditioning units, evaporators and heat exchangers. The product should always be used in accordance with the manual guidelines. HVAC External Basic is a product for professional use only.

How to use: 

  • 1. Switch off refrigeration system and fans before cleaning.
  • 2. Depending on the amount of dirt dilute HVAC External Basic with 3 parts of water (ratio 1:3) in case of heavy soiled or with 5 parts of water (ratio 1:5) in the case of light soiled.
  • 3. Spray the diluted HVAC External Basic with low pressure on cleaning surfaces, leave for 3-5 minutes for full cleaning action.
  • 4. Rinse cleaned surfaces with water until Foam is removed.


  • Do not use the product upwind
  • Be very precise when rinsing cleaned indoor unit,
  • The use of water jets or high-pressure washers is forbidden
  • Do not use HVAC External Basic for cleaning indoor air-conditioning units, evaporators and heat exchangers.
  • Consumer package – 5L canister,
  • Bulk container – 4 canisters,
  • Euro-pallet – 128 canisters.

Empty containers must be disposed/recycled in accordance with national regulations.